A single-player story mode made to be the heart of Iron Harvest. Including all the factions, it is a story built from the ground up to be a homage to the campaigns of old. Besides playing it alone you can also play with a friend in coop.


There are different Challenge maps. For example, one of the challenges is a "Hold the line"-mode, where you fight as Polania against 10 waves of Saxony. Survive while building up an army and trying to capture new mines and pumps to strengthen your economy.


Games against the AI. The AI has the difficulty settings "Easy", "Medium", "Hard" and "Insane". All maps and features from the multiplayer are available in skirmishes.


Games against other players or with your friends. You can also play coop with others against the A.I. Play "Quickplay" if you want to play with random players and use "Create lobby" to invite friends.