Winning by Victory Points (VP)

The Capture of flags placed strategically on the map. These can be capped and decaptured with infantry and exoskeletons. By default, you will need 500 VP to win, but that can be changed or even disabled.
You will get 0.3 VP per second, per flag, you occupy more than your enemy.
As an extra feature, flags that have been captured will slowly accumulate up to 5 orbs. Each lit orb gives 10 bonus VP to the team that decaptures it.
In the mode Drop Zone you do not get points for capturing flags but instead picking up crates. The crates drop from time to time on specific locations and will provide 50 VP once picked up. The need VP do not change.

Winning by destroying the enemy’s HQ

The secondary win condition is attained through the destruction of the enemy Headquarters (HQ), but just like the last one, it can also be disabled. However, if disabled, the requirement becomes to kill all units as well as the HQ having to be destroyed before the game is won.
Note that the HQ can be rebuilt by engineers if destroyed. This can be extremely useful in a team match since all Headquarters of the enemy team need to be destroyed.