After choosing your fraction and hero you can spend the remaining points on units. Each reserve has different pickable units. While the first reserve got manly infantry and weapon systems, the second reserve features mechs excluding the gunfords.


To pick your reserve you must use points. You get 5 points that can be spent. The cost for a unit is shown by the golden points at the bottom of the portrait. Furthermore each unit increases the reserve cost by the amount it shows underneath. A reserve with no cost will get a extra cost of 100 iron.

Picking Reserves

You start picking by choosing your hero and with it the faction you want to play. Afterwards you can pick the other two Reserves. Furthermore, you can see what hero your enemy choosed and make your Reserve depending on his choice.

Calling in Reserves

To call the reserves you need to meet specific limitations. To call your first reserve you need either a barrack or a workshop. To call your second reserve you need to build a advanced workshop or advanced barracks or both buildings in their regular version.