Infantry units are the cheapest units in the game and the core of the gameplay in the first minutes of the game. They are able to cap resources points, flags or crates making them the most versatile class in the game. Also, they are the only unit type that can use weapon systems.
However, infantry often only got a low amount of hit points and are not armored. Furthermore, they often lack damage against heavier armored targets.


Exosuits are as the infantry units quite versatile in their options. They can pick up crates and capture points. However, they are not able to crew weapon systems. Furthermore, they come at a higher cost.
Instead, exosuits are armored, either light or medium armor. Furthermore, most of them got significantly more health points and damage against armored targets, making them a significantly stronger unit in battles.


Mechs are the main unit of the game. They come in a great variety from lighter armored, but faster, anti infantry mechs to stronger and heavier armored mechs as the gunfords.
Generally mechs can be divided in 5 groups:
Anti infantry, which are often lighter armored and lack damage against armored targets but are great against infantry.
Anti light, which are armored lighter or medium and are focused around dealing with smaller groups of infantry and manly lighter armored mechs.
Artillery, which are the classical long range hard hitting units you know from most other games.
Mech hunter, describes mechs that are build to deal manly with mechs. They are often quite expensive and not able to get a lot of damage themselves.
Gunfords, which are the most expensive units, which are very tanky and are also able to deal a lot of damage to all unit classes. To build those you need barracks and workshops on an advanced level.
Furthermore,  there is a class that can not be described by any of those attributes. Those are often special units that serve a purpose similar to the once described but do not interlay fit the criteria.


Aircraft share the same classes as the mechs. But there are two main differences. The first being that aircraft are able to go over terrain, removing some problems the mechtypes would normally struggle with. Furthermore, aircraft only have armor up to medium while having greater health points to comprehend this.