Polania is a fast-paced faction, which focuses on controlling the early game stages with high range infantry to get a lead and ending the game faster or pressuring the enemy so that he can't recover.
While their heroes and mechs are quite fast compared to their counterparts, they lack in durability, especially in longer or face to face fights. That's why it is recommended to go for flanks or several smaller attacks instead of trying to fight head on against the forces from your enemy.
Besides their fast mechs, Polania shines with their cheaper buildings, giving them the chance of getting earlier reserves and better units to pressure the enemy even more.




  • High range infantry and a high range hero
  • Good units to push and harass the enemy
  • Strong harassment due to high mech movement speed
  • Fast recovery
  • Cheaper buildings


  • Lack in units to breach trough a strong defense
  • Hard to win once behind
  • Mechs lack range and durability