Rusviet represents a fast and mobile faction that mainly focuses on closer range tactics. Most of their units are quite fast or got some form of mobility, which makes them great at launching big attacks to breach enemy lines.
The low range of most of their units reduces the chance of going for early game fights with smaller groups of units. This means Rusviet must focus on big assaults, which results in them often having open flanks or spots to attack them from. This also makes them very vulnerable to cross map plays in early game stages.
Besides all that their buildings are more expansive than the average, meaning that they need longer to reach their mechs and reserves, making them very vulnerable in the early game stages, which can lead to them falling back on the ground and resources early on.




  • Very mobile hero and exoskeletons, which makes them good at flanking
  • Strong in medium to close range
  • Strong and quick destruction of blockages
  • Good at breaking defensive lines


  • Buildings are more expensive
  • A lot of melee or short-range units, making fighting at high range very hard