Usonia is the first new added faction in Iron Harvest. Their gameplay is all about air supremacy, which they achieve by being the only faction with individual aircrafts.
Even trough Usonia got the air supremacy they lack in an early anti mech units, due to all their early units being anti infantry, which is even more present due to their later anti armor mechs also got the ability to call in more paratroopers, which again are also only good against unarmored targests. Making it hard for Usonia to stand against heavier mechs in earlier game stages.




  • Strong air units giving them a big advantage on maps with a lot of spots where ground units can not pass.
  • They can call in paratroopers on need everywhere on the map, making it possible to support your units in fights, where other factions would need time to do the same.
  • Extremly differnet playstile then the other factions due to their aircrafts and airsupport.
  • Quite mobile and fast moving units


  • Most of Usonias units cost quite a lot, making it hard to build up a big army.
  • A lot is build around infantry and infantry support, making a lot of abilities quite useless in later stages of the game.