With this update the new DLC including all its units and buildings were added. You can find them on the Usonian page.
Furthermore there were some smaller bug fixes as well as new content on the unit pages.


With this upadte there were some bigger changes to the visual appearence of the guide as well as some bigger bug fixes. Bug fixes include:
Pets now have scalings on their stats
Unused fields get hidden on the building tap
Typos and outdated information
Some bugs with links
Besides those smaller changes we got the first big new feature, which allows others to edit most of the text this page has. You can login via the contribution page. You will need an account to access the tool. For know accounts will only go to known people from the community.
If you got ideas on what would be cool to have, contact me via discord or with the form provided on the page .

Upcoming Changes

Adding a interactable map (Soon)

As already metioned the maps will return but this time in a interactable version. This part is not developed by me, so I cant really say when we will be able to see it.

Optimization on Code

Besides all those new features that will be added to the public side of the page there will also be some changes to the calculations you cant see. Those should optimize the speed in which the server reacts and will reduce the time you have to wait for your page to load. The pages you will then see most change in loadingspeed will be the unit and the building page.
Besides the updates on the server there will also be improvements on the datafetcher. This will reduce the time it takes till I have fixed the programm for changes that give the programm bugs. Furthermore that information that is available will not be displayed due to it not getting fetched by the programm will be reduced significantly.

Changes that might come

Those are changes I am not sure about atm. It could be that we see those being added, but I am not sure atm if I will have the time to develop them or update them on or if they are that usefull to the page.

Git Hub

Open a git hub page to give others the opportunity to add new features. Most stuff would be editable by that, till this part comes I still have to optimize the code as well as put comments in, so it more understandable for others.

Complex guide

Atm we already got the basic guide series. A complex guide would then extend the content to things as buildorders, tacitcs, the meata and its reserves as well as the counters to those tactics.
This part is manly not clear yet due to the work I would have to put in to keep it up to date. So I will keep that for know for other content creators of the game.

Unit counters

As for unit counters the problem here is that as compared to other RTS games, IH doesnt really has a scissors stone paper system so its hard to find the counters to units. Still this will be something I will take a look at, but I am not sure yet if we will see it on the page.

3D model view

A 3d model view is something I would find intersting to do, but it would neither bring a big benefit nor would it be easy to do due to the work I would have to put in to get the models and set everything up so that I can use them.