Early game

Early game focus on capturing all of the resource points and flags on your side of the map. This should be your top priority. So many new players I play against seem to capture a couple and then get distracted and forget to capture the rest of them.

Micro your units

Keep your units busy. There is almost always something your units can be doing: Capturing a point, harrassing enemy units, scounting. If they are just sitting there then you are giving your opponent an advantage, also they are a prime target for a grenade throw.

Reatreating is a good tool

Retreating units is always more worth then gaining or holding ground. Losing a single unit can lose you the game, but losing the control about a mine or pump for a short time is not as bad.

Figthing to get room

Don't be afraid to be aggressive and meet your opponent, the further out on the map you fight them the more room you have to fall back on or move your troops. This is especially important in the early game.


Pick up weapon crates. On each map there are weapon crates that your squads can equip. Learn where these are and send engineers to pick them that way you get your troops quite cheap. The only one that is not worth picking up is the medic one. Its important to pick these up early so that your opponent doesn't take them.